Navigating through the impending end of life of your Mitel phone system can feel like a daunting task. A new phone system is a significant change and necessitates careful consideration to ensure strategic alignment with your organization’s goals. The process is not helped by the fact that there are a multitude of options out there. All of which, at first glance, seem viable.

To help you, our experts wrote this article to guide you through three good options that will reduce the overwhelm of making this decision. Each path offers unique advantages and challenges, but with the right insights and guidance, clarity and a tailored solution are within your reach.


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As your organization stands at this technological crossroads, the opportunity arises not just to adapt, but to evolve and realize enhanced communication capabilities. Embracing this change can be transformative, leading to innovation and growth. With CRI by your side, we will explore the alternatives, assess the benefits, and help you carve a path that promises a future-proof communication ecosystem, turning the end of one era into the beginning of a new, enriched chapter for your organization.

Navigating End of Life of Your Mitel Phone System

Navigating through the end of life of your Mitel phone system presents a more complex decision than you might think. The choice you make today will sculpt your communication infrastructure, affecting productivity and efficiency for years to come. It’s about future-proofing your organization, ensuring scalability, and aligning technology with long-term goals.

Choice Overload

The myriad of choices, each with unique features and benefits, can be overwhelming.

Tailored Approach

Your distinct needs require a solution that considers both technological and human elements, ensuring a seamless transition and adoption.

Balancing Act

It’s crucial to balance innovation and practicality, cost and value, immediacy and future-readiness to find the optimal solution.

There are three potential paths that emerge:

1. Staying with Mitel

2. Migrating to RingCentral

3. Opting for a custom solution from CRI

Each has potential, but aligning with your unique needs is key to making the right choice.

1. Sticking With a Mitel Phone System

Facing the end of life of your current Mitel system doesn’t necessarily mean parting ways with Mitel entirely. Mitel offers a variety of new and upgraded systems, each designed to address diverse organizational needs.

Familiarity & Continuity

Staying within the Mitel ecosystem can provide a sense of familiarity and continuity, easing the transition for your team.

Reputation for Reliability

Mitel’s renowned reputation in the industry for reliable and innovative solutions ensures you are investing in a robust communication system.

Next Steps

Exploring the options within Mitel’s current offerings, you might find a solution that aligns seamlessly with your organization’s requirements. Being familiar with Mitel systems can facilitate a smoother migration and potentially reduce training needs, saving time and resources. A CRI specialist can help you evaluate the features, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the new Mitel systems to determine if this path aligns with your long-term communication strategy.

2. Migrating to RingCentral

Another viable path is migrating to RingCentral, a leader in cloud solutions for communications. This option presents an opportunity to embrace the advanced features, enhanced flexibility, and scalability that cloud solutions inherently offer.

User-Friendly & Functional

RingCentral’s platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and seamless integration capabilities, making it an attractive alternative for organizations looking to elevate their communication systems.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Choosing RingCentral allows your organization to leverage cutting-edge technology and a suite of tools designed to foster collaboration and productivity.

Next Steps

Though Mitel now owns RingCentral, the transition to a RingCentral system might involve an initial learning curve. The long-term benefits of adopting a cloud-based solution can significantly outweigh the challenges. This route is especially beneficial for organizations aiming to stay ahead of the technology curve and adapt to the evolving needs of the workforce. Our team can help you select the right system to achieve your goals.

3. Crafting a New Unified Communications Solution With CRI

Your third option is to work closely with CRI to develop a completely tailored unified communications or unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution. With over 30 years of experience in the communications space, our team combines strong analytical skills, best-in-class expertise, and a partnership-oriented approach. Our engineers craft personalized solutions that meet your current needs and anticipate future demands.


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Personalized & Proactive Approach

By focusing on relationships and proactively addressing your organization’s requirements, CRI ensures the delivery of reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Tailored to Business Goals

Choosing CRI as your partner means embarking on a journey to create a customized communication ecosystem that aligns with your business goals and enhances productivity and revenue.

Next Steps

Opting for a bespoke solution with CRI puts a trusted advisor and technology partner in your corner. One who is committed to your organization’s success.

Step Into the Future With CRI

Embarking on the right path for your communication needs shouldn’t be a solo journey. With CRI, you’re choosing a partner with 30 years of experience, best-in-class expertise, and a proactive approach to

meeting your unique needs. Don’t leave your communications future to chance; work with CRI to determine your best path forward.

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