Healthcare Communications

Protected, Compliant, and Inclusive Communications Systems

CRI offers top-of-the-line communications technology so you can stay connected no matter where you are, all while staying within industry regulations.

Reaching Out to Your Doctor Should Be Easy

CRI offers communications solutions designed specifically for healthcare institutions so you can ensure high-quality communications every time. With CRI, you can be sure your communications are always secure and compliant with industry regulations. Whether accommodating a customer with a hearing impairment or providing multi-lingual support, our communications solutions are designed to be inclusive. And because our solutions are scalable, you can easily add or remove features as needed – ensuring that your communications solution always meets the demands of your business and the needs of your patients.

When Patient Privacy is On the Line, Security is Non-Negotiable

The average healthcare data breach costs $408 per record, which is three times higher than the cross-industry average of $148 per record. This statistic demonstrates how invaluable medical records are in comparison to other industries, consequently making healthcare a prime target for cyberattacks. Healthcare records can contain a wealth of personal information and sensitive data, including social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, financial information, and more – all of which can be used in identity theft. In fact, 95% of identity theft comes from stolen healthcare records.

A data breach can have serious consequences for a healthcare organization: lost patient data is dangerous, damages the institution’s reputation, and often incurs heavy fines from regulators. That’s why CRI takes security seriously. Our communications solutions are designed to protect patient data with the latest in encryption technology and authentication protocols, ensuring that communications remain secure no matter where they travel.

Features Healthcare Organizations Need in a Communications Solution

Healthcare organizations need communications solutions that are secure, compliant with regulations, and support multi-lingual needs. With cutting-edge, secure cloud communications, healthcare institutions can improve patient and member experiences while saving money. To ensure the best service for their patients, healthcare institutions need:

A secure, reliable network for all your communication needs

Robust analytics to improve operations and reduce costs

Advanced encryption technology for secure data transmission

Automated messaging and call routing to streamline communication

Interactive voice response capabilities for quick, accurate responses

Multi-lingual support for diverse patient populations

Accessibility features and compliance with industry regulations

High reliability and redundancy for minimal downtime

Scalability options to accommodate growth and changing business needs

Advanced authentication protocols to protect patient data

Stay Connected, Compliant, and Secure

At CRI, our best-of-the-best communications solutions make staying connected a breeze. Our consultative approach allows us to work with you to discover the perfect solution for your healthcare organization, regardless of size. With CRI, you get a communications system that’s easy, secure, compliant, and helps you provide better patient care. Get in touch to see how CRI can help take your communications strategy to the next level.

CRI Promise’s to Healthcare Organizations

Here at CRI, we understand that excellent communication is pivotal to a thriving business. That’s why we provide our healthcare clients with an all-encompassing communications solution. And when you partner with us, you’re not only getting this top-tier service, but also gaining access to unmatched insight and expertise on how best to implement the solutions within your own institution. We’ll be there for every implementation stage – from installation and maintenance to training and ongoing support. Contact us today and see how we can help enhance communications in your organization.