Unified Communications

Unified Communications: Modernize How You Communicate

The unified communications landscape has swiftly become an essential component of modern business operations. Take advantage of unified channels (voice, video, text) to provide fast and consistent user experiences across all contact channels.

Save Money

A unified communications system can reduce costs and increase efficiency, meaning you get the best of both worlds: quality customer service without breaking the bank.

Boost Productivity

Unified communications solutions offer an array of features that help increase productivity, such as unified messaging and automated contact routing. These features can streamline operations and allow contact agents to focus their time on more complex customer issues.

Increase Security

When unified communications systems are correctly deployed, they provide a secure environment for business communication. With unified communications, businesses can be sure that their contact center data is safe and secure – safeguarding customer information while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customized Solutions

Whether your organization handles inbound calls, outbound calls, or both, we’ll create a customized unified communications solution tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Are you spending too many hours maintaining and troubleshooting your contact center? Maybe you’ve outgrown your current capabilities or are hindered by siloed communication. Needlessly wasting money is the last thing any business wants to do, but by hanging on to outdated solutions, that’s exactly what could be happening. Your antiquated legacy system is hurting your business, and it’s time to move on. Let our unified communications experts take your business to the next level with a unified system designed just for you.

When you upgrade your unified communications system, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits that take a weight off of your shoulders

Enhanced customer service

Improved team collaboration

Lower operating costs

Increased scalability

Tighter security features

Simplified management capabilities

Easy access to all communication channels

With unified communications from CRI, you can rest assured your everyday communications will run smoothly and efficiently. Don’t wait any longer – let us show you how unified communications can make your organization thrive.

3 Steps to Total Unification


Working with your team, we assess your current communications environment and identify any gaps.


We create a unified communications roadmap tailored to your business goals and budget.


Our team of specialists will get everything running smoothly alongside you so you can enjoy the benefits immediately!

CRI: Your Premier Unified Communications Partner

For over 40 years, CRI has been a market leader in helping businesses resolve their technical frustrations and improve communication. Our team of experts has assisted thousands of customers across various industries, making us the go-to source for business solutions. We pride ourselves on finding the best solution for your business, whether your company is big or small. With our top-of-the-line products and consultative approach, we will work with you to find what works best for your needs. We are a Platinum Partner to Mitel, which allows us to offer deeply discounted rates that we pass along to our customers. If you want to save money, time, and aggravation on business communications solutions, let us show you how.