With CRI, You Always Have a Choice

We’ll Find the Best-in-Class Communications Systems That Fit You

With several leading unified communications solutions on the market, our clients work with us to select the platform that fits their needs the best.

One Solution Does NOT Fit All

Although we have always supported multiple solutions and vendors, we want to ensure our clients know they have options.

We know that not all companies have the same priorities. From finance to manufacturing, each business has its own strategies for integrating their communication system. We work with our clients to assemble service packages that fit their unique needs. By providing a selection of solutions for clients to choose from, we help everyone access what they need to excel.

Choose the System That Best Supports Your Business Needs

With the selection of systems available, you can evaluate each according to the features they offer and how they would add value to your business. We work with you to determine which system and plans will best drive your growth. With the wealth of challenges facing organizations today, we know that you want a system that improves communication and removes obstacles that hinder productivity. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from the initial research stages all the way through implementation and ongoing support.

Systems We Support

We support the following unified communication providers:






We made these decisions after careful evaluation to determine which communication systems offered best-in-breed solutions and could add value to our clients. We look at analyst reports and features to select the options we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

The impacts on client services

Our goal remains to provide the best communications solutions for our clients. No one will have to change their system unless they want to; they always have that choice. However, if another provider comes out with a new feature a client wants to leverage, we can offer the option to seize the opportunity.

The relationship between choice and pricing
We continue to work to keep prices within range for our clients. Those who do not want to change their plans do not have to worry about unexpected increases. Those who wish to upgrade will have to pay more. However, we can start price bidding in a competitive style, which helps us deliver the best feature sets at the best possible price.
End-of-life systems with system choice
If your system is coming to its end of life, you can rest assured that you will receive many notifications. We will use that time to prepare you with the best pricing options that you can migrate to so you do not have any interruptions in your communication services.

How We Work With You To Select a Communications System

From the moment you first reach out to us at CRI, you get personalized service as we work with you to learn precisely what you need.


Our professionals will work closely with your team to learn how your current communications work. We also listen to your priorities and processes as an organization. This collaboration helps us better understand what you need to see from your unified communications system. We discover any gaps in your current processes and use this information to start building your framework.


Once we thoroughly understand what you need to see from your communications system, we develop a roadmap to help you reach your goals. As part of this process, we help you evaluate your choices for effective communication systems and how each fits your goals and budget.


Finally, our team will set up your new system and personally ensure that everything runs smoothly. This process allows you to start reaping the benefits immediately, with our continual support alongside you if you have any questions.

CRI: Supporting Business Growth by Giving Our Clients the Choice

A modern and innovative unified communications system keeps your organization operating effectively. Between cybersecurity threats and work-from-home arrangements, the right strategic communication plan can help your business stay on target. CRI has provided customized solutions to businesses like yours for over 30 years.

At CRI, you will have a partner dedicated to understanding your business and its unique needs. Quality service comes from building relationships, and that is the foundation of our organization. Through these relationships, we can learn about your priorities and how your business operates. Work with CRI to discover your available choices and find the communication solution that will meet and exceed your needs.