As a healthcare organization, it’s essential to have a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions keep your communications secure and fully compliant with all industry regulations. At the same time, you want to ensure your organization is prepared to help clients from diverse language backgrounds and be equipped to take advantage of cutting-edge cloud collaboration. Having a platform to meet these requirements can improve your patients’ experiences and save your organization money. A platform that fulfills 11 critical traits will offer you an optimal healthcare communications experience.

1. Everyone Communicates on a Secure and Reliable Network

When patients contact their healthcare providers, they need security and privacy. They want to discuss their healthcare needs and trust that their information remains protected.

At the same time, healthcare businesses depend on a reliable network that provides the necessary redundancies and backups to maintain consistent customer service. Patients want to reach their healthcare providers when they need them.

You will also improve your efficiency when you have a secure and reliable network that you and your clients can depend on. Successfully avoid interruptions and keep your business positioned for success.

2. Data Analytics Show You How to Improve Operations and Reduce Costs

Data analytics provide you with round-the-clock monitoring of your communications. These analytics can detect potential problems in voice quality and connection as soon as they start, allowing you to address the issue before it causes widespread disruptions.

By identifying the problems immediately, you can reduce the costs associated with downtime and repairing far-reaching damage. Instead, you minimize disruptions and keep your communications systems on track.

3. End-to-End Encryption Maintains Confidentiality

When looking at communication systems for your healthcare organization, a few issues should take higher priority than security, and end-to-end encryption is an integral part of this process. With end-to-end encryption, an algorithm obscures the messages and data sent until it reaches the other authorized user. It prevents the interception of the communications sent, increasing patient privacy, and giving them confidence that you protect their information.

4. Automation and Call Routing Increase Efficiency

The cornerstone of quality customer service is helping patients find answers to their questions quickly and connecting them with the representative who can help them best. With automation and call routing, all your callers enter a queue. Prompts and information on the caller automatically direct them to the representative who can help them. If your client has a question about billing, for example, you want to refer the call to someone in that department, while when a patient has a medical question, they should be routed to the nurses’ line.

With call routing and automation, you connect customers with the optimal representative, improving your service and their satisfaction.


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5. Provide Quick, Accurate Information with Interactive Voice Response

As a healthcare organization, patients and clients regularly call you with routine questions. For example, they might want to know your address or business hours. An interactive voice response system can streamline calls by providing people with access to this information without speaking to a live representative. This speeds up calls, answers patient questions efficiently, and frees up your staff to take on more demanding tasks.

6. Support Patients in Multiple Languages

When patients have questions about healthcare, they generally like working with people who can speak the language they feel most comfortable in. To tap into global markets and provide better service for people who might have a different dominant language than English, providing patient support in multiple languages is an excellent feature to have available.

This support allows patients to indicate their preferred language at the start of the call. The system then transfers the patient or client to a representative comfortable working in that language.

7. Stop Worrying About Compliance

Healthcare organizations must pay attention to a variety of essential regulations. Compliance with these rules gives patients greater security with their sensitive health information. You want to avoid a communications system that causes more worries when it comes to compliance. UCaaS platforms fully equipped with the necessary healthcare precautions and safeguards and built around security and privacy, help you be confident that your systems are fully compliant.

8. Minimize Downtime

Downtime is a disaster for any healthcare business. If the business communication system fails, your patients and clients cannot reach you. You also cannot communicate internally, which slows down operations.

Your UCaaS solution should have the built-in redundancies and backups necessary to minimize your downtime. By keeping the system up and running, you remain in communication with your patients and each other, optimizing your operations.

9. Scale up or Down, Whenever You Need

At CRI, we offer dynamic communications systems designed to adapt and evolve with your business requirements as they fluctuate. We understand the necessity for scalability in response to organizational size and call volume and therefore, provide flexible solutions that can be easily expanded or contracted. Leveraging cloud technologies and tailor-made solutions, we ensure that you only pay for the features that you need. This prevents unnecessary expenditures and mitigates potential bottlenecks that could impede seamless communication with your patients.


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10. Lockdown Patient Data with Advanced Security

Protecting patient data is essential, no matter where it is within the network. As information moves through your network, you want the encryptions and protections that ensure nefarious actors cannot reach it. Find a UCaaS platform with the advanced security needed to protect your business and patients.

11. Artificial Intelligence and Automation Increase Efficiency

Artificial intelligence and automation offer increasing opportunities for businesses to eliminate the need for employees to complete tedious, repetitive tasks. These capabilities also ensure that critical jobs, like monitoring the network for fraud, are handled according to your business rules every time, increasing effectiveness.

When your system operates like clockwork and processes transactions and other monotonous tasks automatically, while also using artificial intelligence for network monitoring, your organization runs more efficiently and provides patients with better service.

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