The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time for colder weather, family traditions, delicious meals – and days off work. The cloud can help your business during this chaotic time. Every year there’s a scramble to tie up loose ends before employees leave the office for the holidays and to ensure that everything continues to run as smoothly as possible.

But problems still come up over the holidays, and there’s nothing that can change that fact. Whether an employee is vacationing in Hawaii or watching the snow fall in Vermont, if something urgent arises, it needs to be addressed.

While it can be tempting to let problems sit and to let projects fall by the wayside, the holidays don’t have to be a low-productivity time of year. By migrating your systems to the cloud, you can help your employees stay efficient, no matter the time of year and no matter where they are.

How the Cloud Can Help Businesses Stay Productive Through the Holidays

Remote work doesn’t have to be a pain. Through cutting-edge cloud collaboration tools, employees are empowered to work productively without the technical frustrations.


If you’re having a phone conversation with an employee and you suddenly need to be able to share a presentation, you should have the tools to do so at your fingertips. When one tool doesn’t integrate with another, it creates collaboration issues.

Cloud services solve that issue by providing a combination of tools that work together seamlessly. They also allow employees to securely access the files they need, no matter where they are.

The ability to access files stored in one central location, instead of waiting for them to be sent via email, empowers employees to work more efficiently. The employee in Vermont may not be able to wait for their coworker in Hawaii to wake up and send them what they need. The cloud offers a solution by storing files centrally. The files must be stored securely, and cloud service providers enforce top-level security protocols to protect data in the cloud.

An additional advantage of the cloud is how it empowers employees to act quickly. By having access to information and collaboration tools at any point in time, employees can more proactively take advantage of opportunities.

With the right combination of cloud collaboration tools, employees can work more productively and securely. Whether an employee needs to spend a full day working remotely or there’s an urgent issue that needs to be resolved, cloud tools make it easier to accomplish what needs to be done, so that everyone can rest easy and enjoy the holidays.

How Mitel’s Integrated Solutions Help Employees Stay Productive

CRI partners with Mitel to provide integrated solutions that help employees work efficiently and safely. Mitel offers a wide variety of solutions for small, midsize, and enterprise businesses, and across a range of industries.


Two of the tools that Mitel exclusively offers are MiCollab and MiTeam Meetings. MiCollab is the foundational application that, in a single, cost-effective package, provides:

  • team collaboration

  • audio conferencing

  • presence

  • messaging

  • video

  • voice

One exciting feature of MiCollab is that you can seamlessly switch from device to device – for instance, from your desk phone to your mobile phone – without interrupting a call.

Additionally, MiTeam Meetings is a video conferencing tool that’s a separate application from Microsoft Teams, but can easily be integrated with this popular application. For example, if you are in a text chat conversation in Microsoft Teams, you can smoothly transition it to a MiTeam video conferencing meeting. Mitel offers a Microsoft Teams Chrome extension that lets you make softphone calls within the Microsoft Teams web app.


MiCloud Flex is a single integrated cloud solution that provides the same communications experience across all your devices – your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.

You don’t have to worry about one app not working with another because a software update has made them incompatible. Because it’s all cloud-based, updates are run on a schedule that ensures apps will work together. Cloud computing also has space for future expansion, so that the apps you use this year will be updated to address next year’s problems.

MiCloud Flex ensures that your communications tools will work together. When it comes to cost, MiCloud Flex enables you to mix and match service levels so that you’re paying for the option that’s best for your business – and nothing more.

Choose CRI to Help You Migrate to the Cloud

Mitel’s integrated solutions make working remotely a seamless experience. No matter what time of year it is and no matter where employees are located, if something needs to happen, the cloud helps it get done quickly and securely.

CRI focuses on building relationships with our customers. We listen to your needs first, and then we design a system that provides you with the right tools to reach your goals. CRI helps with more than just hardware. We’re focused on solving complex communication issues cost-effectively.

End the year on a high note by migrating to the cloud and see the benefits of cloud services. CRI can help you increase productivity with the Mitel cloud. Contact us to learn more about migrating your business to the cloud.

Leverage the cloud to help you stay productive during the holidays – contact us today to get started.