The wave of transitioning from traditional business telephones to cloud communications has surged across industries. However, there remains a subset of organizations that cling to their legacy systems. While the adage “Don’t fix what isn’t broken” may resonate for some things, not transitioning can result in numerous obstacles for your organization down the line. Let’s dive into why cloud collaboration is the future of business communications and how CRI can help you choose the right cloud phone system for your organization.

Challenges Posed by Legacy Business Telephones

Getting ahead in business means understanding potential pitfalls. With outdated phone systems, here are some key challenges many organizations face:

Surging Costs: Legacy phone systems, due to decreasing demand, can become significantly more expensive. The on-premises nature of these systems also necessitates frequent and potentially costly maintenance.

Reduced Flexibility: These systems can be sluggish in adapting to modern needs, such as remote work capabilities. Ensuring effective remote work is becoming essential for many businesses.

Complicated User Interfaces: Traditional phone systems might have less user-friendly interfaces, which can decrease employee efficiency.

Missing Out on Advanced Features: They often lack recent features essential for smooth business operations, like video conferencing, integrated messaging, chat features, and file sharing.


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Mitel’s Evolution in Business Telephones

As technology accelerates, Mitel has not remained stagnant. A landmark partnership with RingCentral showcases Mitel’s commitment to enhancing cloud communication services. This alliance signifies that Mitel is steadily phasing out older models, pushing for more advanced systems in line with their collaboration with RingCentral, including the transition from on-premises PBX systems. With the discontinuation of systems such as Mitel Cloud Connect, the shift towards newer cloud-based solutions is inevitable. For organizations still using these legacy systems, it’s an opportunity to explore other cloud collaboration platforms with CRI.

Why Embrace Cloud Communications?

Transitioning to cloud communications can unlock numerous advantages for organizations in a wide range of industries.

All-in-One Communication System: A single cloud phone system brings together different ways of communicating, making it simpler and smoother to use.

Enhanced Reliability: Premium cloud communication platforms guarantee up to 99.999% uptime, backed by geo-redundant data centers.

Seamless Integration and Teamwork: Integrating a cloud phone system with business apps enhances operational flow. Tools can be accessed across various devices, promoting seamless collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Efficient Maintenance and Cost Reduction: Cloud systems shift the maintenance responsibility from business owners to providers. Plus, instead of spending a whole bunch of money up front on a new system, you get one consistent monthly bill, making business budgeting easier.

Scalability and Innovation: Cloud communications effortlessly scale with your business growth. Plus, they enable rapid adaptation to emerging communication technologies without heavy investments in new equipment.


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How CRI Helps You Find the Right Cloud Phone System for Your Needs

Whether you want to upgrade to a newer Mitel phone system or make the switch to the cloud, CRI is your trusted advisor that will do the heavy lifting for you to help you make the right decision for your goals and needs. Here’s our three-step process:

1. Discover

Our experts will partner with your team to understand how you currently use phone systems. We’ll also get to know your organization’s main goals and how you operate day to day. By doing this, we’ll get a clear picture of what you expect from your new cloud phone system. We’ll identify any areas where your current system falls short and use that as a starting point for improvements.

2. Develop

After we’ve gotten a clear idea of your needs, we’ll craft a plan to enhance your cloud phone communications. This includes reviewing different cloud phone options and determining which one aligns best with your objectives and budget.

3. Deliver

Once you make a decision, our team will implement your chosen cloud phone system, ensuring everything works perfectly from the get-go. You can begin enjoying its benefits right away, and we’ll always be there to assist or answer any questions you might have.


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Elevate Your Communications With CRI

In order to truly transform the way your organization communicates and operates, consider a move to the cloud. Features like video conferencing, remote work options, team chats, and file sharing place cloud collaboration tools at the forefront of business communication solutions. To explore how a cloud-based phone system can propel your organization into the future, let’s connect and review your options together.