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In a rapidly increasingly technology-dominant world, the demand for touch-free interactions has surged, prompting various industries to embrace a contactless approach. While the idea of a contactless world was already on the horizon, the pandemic expedited its necessity. QR code menus in restaurants, contactless delivery in grocery stores, and to-go cocktails in bars are just a few examples of how businesses have adapted. The hospitality industry, too, has had to pivot toward a touch-free environment to meet the expectations of today’s guests.

Keeping up with the trends

To cater to modern guests and their preference for seamless contactless experiences, hospitality providers can turn to technology, specifically unified communications (UC), to achieve a new gold standard of service. But why has the contactless trend gained such momentum? As our lives become increasingly smartphone-centric, there is a growing desire for quick access to all aspects of life, and this includes the hospitality sector. Platforms like Airbnb and hotel apps have fueled the expectation for easy and convenient booking processes, and it’s best for other hospitality businesses to follow suit if they wish to stay competitive.

By leveraging the right technology, hospitality providers can minimize physical contact between guests and staff, instilling confidence in travelers and alleviating concerns about crowded spaces and touchpoints. Offering contactless options for check-in, room service, and room keys empowers guests with control, independence, and a heightened sense of safety. Automating parts of the guest journey through communication and collaboration solutions reduces waiting times and enhances overall satisfaction. At the same time, it enables staff to be more efficient and productive.


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Contactless solutions to implement

To cater to the needs of today’s travelers and create a happier guest experience, hotels can implement various contactless solutions:

Hands-free check-in

By integrating contactless check-in and check-out processes through mobile apps, hotels can eliminate wait times at the front desk, leading to higher guest satisfaction and allowing staff to focus on enhancing the guest experience.

Mobile room keys

Empowering guests with virtual room keys accessible via their smartphones enables them to skip the front desk and head straight to their rooms, while also reducing plastic waste from physical keycards.

Real-time messaging

Though the experience may be contactless, guests may still require assistance during their stay. Utilizing real-time messaging as a virtual front desk and concierge helps guests communicate with hotel staff effortlessly.

Digital payments

Offering multiple digital payment options, such as QR codes, in-app payments, or pre-registered cards, streamlines transactions and minimizes staff interaction, leading to increased guest satisfaction and revenue.

Embracing these contactless solutions not only elevates the guest experience but also opens up opportunities to collect valuable data and insights. Technology integration allows hotels to leverage real-time personalized data to enhance service quality, identify patterns for increased profitability, and foster customer loyalty. For example, by tracking guest preferences, hotels can proactively anticipate and fulfill guests’ needs, such as having a luggage dolly ready upon their arrival.

CRI’s Hospitaly Communications Solutions Foster Seamless Guest Experiences

Modern travelers seek contactless experiences without sacrificing communication and personalization. Innovative communications and collaboration technology bridge the gap, removing physical touchpoints while enhancing ease and personalized interactions.

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