Memphis, TN

Memphis is located along the Mississippi River and has a rich history in music. With legendary figures such as Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and Johnny Cash having recorded albums at Sun Studio, Memphis is forever associated with the influential strains of blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll that originated there.

With a population of 653,450 as of 2019, Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee and the 27th most populous city in the United States. It’s home to Graceland, Elvis Presley’s iconic mansion; the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum; Blues Hall of Fame; Stax Museum of American Soul Music; and many other music landmarks.

Memphis, Tennessee

Geography and Climate

Memphis is situated along southwest Tennessee’s western bank of the Mississippi River. It’s located at an elevation of 341 feet above sea level and enjoys a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid, winters are cool to mild, and spring and autumn bring pleasant temperatures.


Memphis is the economic engine and distribution hub of the Mid-South region. Significant industries include logistics, manufacturing, biomedical sciences, and tourism (especially music-related). The city became known worldwide as “the Home of the Blues & Birthplace of Rock’ n’ Roll” – not to mention gospel, jazz, R&B, rap, and soul. Memphis is also home to more than 20 percent of the earliest inductees (24 of the 97) into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

History and Culture

The Memphis area was populated by various indigenous cultures from its earliest days, namely the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Muscogee tribes.

The city as we know it was founded in 1819 by John Overton, James Winchester, and Andrew Jackson. It soon became a critical steamboat port for the cotton trade. It experienced tremendous growth through 1900 before declining with the Great Depression and other disasters. Then, the city underwent a revitalization effort to preserve its rich culture and musical heritage. Today, the city is known for its vibrant arts scene, historic architecture, tasty barbecue restaurants, diverse population, and welcoming atmosphere.

Memphis has a vibrant culture full of music, art, and food. Memphis is a great place to explore, from its world-famous barbeque joints to its events like Blues City Soul Festival. The city also has numerous attractions like the National Civil Rights Museum and Mud Island River Park. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, Memphis has something for everyone!

Activities and Attractions

Memphis is known as a city with something for everyone. Music lovers can explore the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll and blues, while foodies will love exploring the city’s famous barbeque restaurants. Nature enthusiasts can visit Mud Island River Park or explore the neighboring Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Culture buffs can visit the National Civil Rights Museum or take in a show at the historic Orpheum Theatre.

No matter your interests, Memphis has something for everyone to explore! From its culinary delights to its rich music heritage, this city is sure to charm visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Memphis is a great place to experience the roots of American music, delicious local cuisine, captivating history, and genuine Southern hospitality. With its rich culture, vibrant energy, and ever-evolving entertainment options, Memphis will delight visitors from all walks of life!


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