If you took stock today, how many collaboration systems would you find in your company? From Zoom to personal phone systems to Slack, there are probably a lot. The pandemic required many businesses to make the switch to remote tools overnight, and even over a year later, companies still don’t have a strategy in place that benefits their employees, their customers, and their bottom line. This is leaving gaps in service.

One collaboration tool many organizations are currently using (including us) is Microsoft Teams. But are you really making the most of it? It’s a great solution but, alone, it can have issues like dropped calls and connectivity problems. The solution can also be lacking in advanced telephony features, which many organizations rely on to best serve their customers. That’s why we recommend leveling up your user experience and Microsoft Teams with Mitel integrations.

How Does Mitel Integrations Enhance Microsoft Teams?

Do you sometimes wish you could do more with Microsoft Teams? That’s where Mitel integrations come in. This core telephony engine brings several features to the table that help you improve your unified communications, employee experience, and customer experience, while taking advantage of advanced features. Some you should note include:

  • Direct routing

    • This resource helps you use your Mitel telephony infrastructure to make calls within Microsoft Teams.

  • MiCollab Hotkey dialing

    • Hotkeys can easily be set up within Microsoft Teams using this Mitel tool.

  • Call2Teams

    • Call2Teams enables softphone functionality while using Microsoft teams.

  • App Dialer

    • Hotkeys bring a click-to-dial to the Microsoft Teams environment, resulting in fewer errors.

  • Web extension

    • An extension allows you to use a softphone directly from Chrome. You can view your call history, voicemail, contacts, click-to-dial, and other tools and resources.

  • CRM integration

    • Agent efficiency can increase thanks to CRM integrations with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

  • Advanced telephony features

    • This includes hunt groups, call history, call merging, and others.

  • Outlook integration

    • The combination allows you to schedule meetings and add automation, even if your schedule changes.

How Will User Experience Benefit?

Did you know that one of the major reasons customers leave a company is poor customer service and support? Your customer service agents can be excellent, but if your telephone system leaves them frustrated or angry, they’ll likely go elsewhere.

Mitel and Microsoft Teams integrations, however, will bring benefits to your customers that will elevate the customer experience and keep them loyal to your brand.


How often do you call a company and get frustrated with their routing system that seems to go in circles, only for you to end up in the wrong place? This doesn’t have to be the norm. Mitel and Microsoft Teams integrations allow you to improve your overall routing, while also improving skill space routing – meaning you can get your customers to the right expert from the beginning.

You can also opt for time-of-day routing just in case your customers call after hours to ensure they’re taken care of 24/7.


Long wait times can be another reason customers hang up the phone without getting the service they’re after, which could cause them to go to a competitor. By improving overall calls, lowering connectivity issues, and better routing, you can work to lower their wait times.


These integrations also bring other tools a contact center needs to function and best serve their customers. You can make the most of AI, chat boxes, interactive voice response, and other advanced telephony features, allowing you to provide a higher, more accessible level of customer support across the board.

We’re not asking you to give up Microsoft Teams. Let us show you how Mitel Integrations can make your Teams work even better.

Employees Will Also Benefit From Increased Collaboration

It’s not only your customers who will benefit from Mitel and Microsoft Teams integrations – your employees (and your company) will as well. As mentioned earlier, it’s likely your team is using a number of different communication tools, including Microsoft Teams. This is especially the case if your employees are using a remote or hybrid approach to work.

Wouldn’t it be better to get them on the same page, no matter where they’re working from? Unified communications solutions can elevate their work. Your team is already comfortable and familiar with Microsoft Teams, and that doesn’t need to change. Mitel allows you to use those familiar features, all while improving the behind the scenes, increasing productivity and efficiency for your business and team members.

CRI Can Help You Make the Most of Mitel, Microsoft Teams, and Unified Communications

It’s time to take advantage of unified communications to increase your bottom line, improve customer service, and bring more collaboration to the workplace (even if that’s remote). And we can help you do just that with Mitel and Microsoft Teams integrations.

We understand how Microsoft Teams helps your organization – that’s because we use it too. As a result, we’re able to bring that expertise to the table. And as a Mitel Platinum Partner, we also understand how to make the most of Mitel with Microsoft Teams.

With MiCloud Connect, CRI helps you break down the silos in your workplace and bring collaboration to the forefront. Thanks to our expertise in these integrations, we can assist you in making the most of your communications tools without the hassle or major changes for your team.