Even the most diligent workplaces can find themselves falling behind in productivity without realizing it. If your business is not utilizing the cloud, it’s easy to convince yourself that the inefficient and time-consuming workarounds you use to get by are working for your staff.

Unfortunately, this apathetic approach to communications can quickly decline into entropy, causing a situation where your inefficient and unorganized communications start to affect your bottom line. If you’re not actively prioritizing growth, you’re already behind.

Cloud Computing Is the Future

This is especially true as we look forward into 2022. Remote and hybrid work are not going away, and many businesses are looking to increase productivity by improving their cloud computing solutions. This digital transformation has been steadily growing in momentum over the last 2 years, with 80% of businesses fast-tracking at least some elements of their digital programs in 2020 alone. By 2022, end-user spending for cloud services is expected to reach at least $482 billion worldwide.

To set yourself up for a more productive 2022, give your employees and customers the gift of better cloud services this holiday season. Adopting a cloud-based unified communications strategy is the best way to support workers, regardless of where they’re located. This seamless connection and collaboration will help them achieve more, propelling your business to even greater heights in the new year.

Today, we’ll explore the specific ways cloud collaboration can improve the lives of both your employees and customers.

Gift the Cloud to Your Employees

An investment in better cloud services, like MiCloud Connect, is a great way to lower your monthly bill while ensuring a future-proof system. But your communications are about more than just the numbers.

Here are a few of the tangible benefits to your employees that make a cloud investment a meaningful gift this holiday season.


When we went remote in 2020, businesses that did not already have a unified communications strategy relied on individual staff to determine a path forward or were forced to require primarily in-office work.

Investing in better cloud services offers increased flexibility to your staff for more hybrid or remote work, making it easier for them to balance their personal safety and family life. Want to make it easier for your staff to work from anywhere? Here are 10 ways MiCloud Connect lets you do that.


When offices went remote, many workers struggled to determine the most effective way to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. Without a cloud communication solution, they relied on a network of patchy workarounds. This year, give them the gift of more efficient internal communication through a cloud-computing platform that offers easy access to their shared files and apps, all in one place.


The integrated solutions your employees can access through a collaboration with CRI allow them to do more in less time. Instead of switching between a variety of tools on different platforms or struggling to reach a colleague working at home, everything (and everyone) is available in one place. This leads to increased productivity as barriers to communication are broken down.

Gift the Cloud to Your Customers

Growth acceleration isn’t just about streamlining your operations in-house. Making it easier for your customers to reach you can also have hugely positive effects on your growth strategy.

Here are some of the most relevant reasons why making the switch to the cloud can benefit your customers this holiday season.


No one wants to spend hours trying to get their questions answered or wait on hold forever to talk to a human being. By streamlining your communications through a cloud-based system from Mitel, you can improve your response time, making customer interactions simpler and more efficient.

Research shows that, following a positive experience, 72% of customers will share their positive opinion with at least 6 people, leading to increased favorable brand mentions and more referrals.

Customers stay protected through more secure cloud services

Cultivating customer trust is of the utmost importance, and one of the easiest ways for a company to betray trust is through a data breach. Our on-call support and preventative maintenance allow CRI to step in to manage the ongoing cybersecurity of your cloud system, making it more secure and less vulnerable to hackers. This safety blanket helps reassure customers that your company is doing everything possible to safeguard their private data.

Why Choose CRI to Help With Migrating to Mitel’s Cloud

The holiday season offers a lot of opportunities to showcase the benefits of the cloud to your customers and employees. Working with a trusted unified communication consultant like CRI to migrate to a Mitel cloud offers your staff the ability to stay in touch with ease, while they’re home with family, and ensures customers can reach someone, no matter the day or time.

Want to learn more about keeping your team productive through the holidays? Here’s how the cloud can help.

Moving to a cloud-based unified communication strategy can be intimidating, and no one wants to spend days, or even weeks, disrupting operations to make the switch. That’s where CRI can help.

Since this is our entire area of focus, we have the expertise to design a custom solution for your business that can be implemented both quickly and effectively. We’ll never advocate for unnecessary features you won’t use. Instead, we listen to your needs and strategize with you to create a cloud communication solution that benefits both customers and employees.

Contact us today to learn more about the cloud and how it will make your employees & customers happier.