The state of your business’ phone system says a lot about your business health. A phone system that consistently causes problems for employees is like a persistent cough that complicates communication and frustrates customers and staff alike. Aging phone systems hold back businesses by tying up resources that could be used better elsewhere. They’re a setback on the road to optimal business health.

A unified communications platform will empower new business initiatives and improve your company’s big-picture plan. Be the communications hero who moves your company forward by adopting a worry-free cloud system.

5 Considerations for Switching to Unified Communications


If your company purchased its phone system outright several years ago, that system has depreciated in value. Even if the phone system was purchased more recently, you still have to worry about annual maintenance and software costs to keep the system current. In addition, any legacy phone system comes with unpredictable expenses, such as server upgrades and infrastructure expansion to support the system.

Aging phone systems are also tied to more expensive carrier plans. While basic dial tone is a somewhat predictable spend, depending on your carrier and contract, you might have wild spikes in service charges, based on use, fees and long-distance calling.

Generally, companies can save money by switching to Flex, a cloud-based phone system from Mitel. CRI offers a quick and painless cost-benefit analysis to help you determine whether to continue using your existing on-site phone system or to move to the cloud.

Flex erases the capital expenditures associated with a unified communications system and gives you a more predictable monthly operations cost. You’re no longer purchasing phones, servers, software or other components – it’s all included.


Customers often have valid security concerns about their phone systems living in someone else’s data center. However, there are several secure cloud provider hosts. In some models, several companies will all share a server, which does present security issues.

With Flex, the model is completely different. Each Flex customer gets their own private instance of Mitel’s enterprise-class phone system in a highly secure data center. You’re not sharing your phone system with anyone else. It’s yours and yours alone, so it’s extremely secure.

If security is one of your major concerns, then Flex should rise to the top of the contender list for your cloud phone system.


Change is difficult, which is why people typically resist it when it comes around, no matter what the potential benefits are. The idea of using different hardware and software might cause stress and anxiety. That’s normal – but not a good reason to avoid an update. People dread both downtime and the learning curve.

Not all phone systems and providers are alike.

When you change to a cloud system with CRI, the interruption is minimal and never a disruption to your operations. We work with you to create a transition process determined by the needs of your company. When you work with CRI, we seamlessly move your company over to Flex during your off hours.

Mitel’s unified communications desktop applications are consistently rated the easiest to use in the industry. Even though there’s a quick interruption and a new phone system for your staff, the transition is made easy by the intuitiveness of the new platform.

Flex is so easy to use, that oftentimes employees will be able to use the system with no need for our support. However, CRI offers both initial and ongoing training to ensure everyone knows how to use the new phone system.


“Inaction is a form of action.”

While there might be resistance to change during the transition, it’s important to think about the bigger picture and consider how a new phone system can affect your company’s goals and trajectory.  

What is your current phone system doing for you? Are your customers feeling taken care of or are they frustrated trying to call you? How well can your workforce collaborate? Rather than consider if status quo is good enough, consider what you stand to gain if you upgrade to a unified communications platform like Flex. 

It might mean fewer man hours spent fixing and supporting your phone system, increased customer satisfaction, reduced expenses and incredible new collaboration for your workforce.

It’s easier to stay put and do nothing. But at what cost to your organization?


The amount of time involved to update your phone system to a cloud platform like Flex will vary based on a few factors. For a company between 500 and 5,000 users, the transition typically takes 6 to 8 weeks from the contract to the switchover, barring any unusual circumstances. This occurs without any disruption of daily business.

We’re always Tier 1 support for our customers. If there’s an issue, your team calls CRI, not Mitel. Our support centers are located here and are always available for you.

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Don’t let an old phone system drag you down. Cloud-based phone systems are a great option for many companies. CRI will work with you to help you understand how switching to Flex from Mitel can save your business money and increase productivity.

By moving your company to a unified communications platform, you’ll be the communications hero who takes your business a step forward in the right direction. Contact CRI for your consultation today!